Sustainable Action

Social responsibility

Sustainable development is the enterprise strategy of Xiangjiang lacquer

Xiangjiang lacquer takes "reassuring the society" as the highest guiding principle of corporate social responsibility of Xiangjiang lacquer

It represents the company's commitment to itself, to its employees and families, and to all stakeholders. To this end, Xiangjiang Paint classifies the activities of realizing corporate responsibility into three major cycles of economy, nature and responsibility. Through five major responsibility projects such as 13 plan, employee care, green action, energy conservation and emission reduction, and social care, Xiangjiang Paint can directly protect and reduce the natural environment from the level of its own economic activities and provide care for the groups in need of care, step by step as a corporate responsibility to society. Xiangjiang paint more collaborative strategic partners to carry out corporate social responsibility related activities, and derived to the whole society and all stakeholders.

Together to achieve the ultimate commitment to protect the environment and achieve green living

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Public welfare activities

Xiangjiang Coating Group's "The Voice of Xiangjiang" Finals Successfully Held

On the evening of 29 June 2018, Xiangjiang Coating Group's "Xiangjiang Good Voice" Grand Final was successfully held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Group. The judges of the competition were the backbone of the company's arts and culture and professional judges. Ten contestants from Shuangta Division, Auto Coating Division and Xiangjiang Division had a wonderful competition.


"Don't Forget the Beginning, Keep the Mission in Mind", Xiangjiang Coating Group's 2019 Environmental Trail Ride Public Welfare Activity Successfully Held

On the morning of November 3, Xiangjiang Coating Group's 2019 Environmental Protection Trail Ride Public Welfare Activity with the theme of "Unforgetting the Beginner's Heart, Keeping the Mission in Mind" was kicked off in Changsha Jianshan Lake Park.


Safety and environmental protection

Production safety

Production safety is an important part of safety management. All production machines of Xiangjiang Paint Group use safety and explosion-proof equipment to achieve full coverage of automatic fire alarm systems and combustible gas detection and monitoring devices. All production employees of the group have undergone strict safety theoretical training and fire fighting practice training.

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Logistics security

Xiangjiang Paint Group is committed to ensuring the safe transportation and storage of products. Through its own standardized transportation fleet + high-quality logistics service providers to join, the group adopts 4G video satellite positioning terminal monitoring and other methods to ensure the safe and fast transportation of products. The Group spends a lot of money to build a standardized and large-scale hazardous chemical storage warehouse to ensure the storage safety of products.

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Emergency Response

Xiangjiang Paint Group is fully prepared for potential accidents. The Group's technical service engineers have accumulated comprehensive knowledge and experience, and provide our partners, customers, suppliers, etc. with expertise in emergency response with the help of a nationwide marketing network.

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Environmental protection

The Group closely links economic benefits with environmental protection when innovating processes, insists on investing in energy conservation and consumption reduction, and continuously increases the research and development of environmentally friendly products; the Group insists on strict evaluation and management of suppliers in the procurement process, Adhere to the concept of green procurement, and strive to drive upstream suppliers to jointly practice social responsibilities; continuously improve the existing production process.

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