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Talent is the most valuable and the most growth resources

Xiangjiang Paint Group adheres to the talent concept of gathering talents, meritocracy, meritocracy and value growth, advocating free competition and personal struggle. Build a growth platform for enterprise employees, strengthen learning and training; implement employee specialization and branding, achieve employee value, and finally realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

Talent concept:Gather talents, only can be used, value growth.
Gather talents:With an open mind, we will introduce fellow travelers who identify with corporate culture and values to build Xiangjiang into a talent highland.
meritocracy:Guided by ability and performance, we should establish an employment mechanism that can be used up and down, so that capable people can stand out.
Value growth:Pay attention to employee training, build a development platform for employee growth, help employees realize their own value, and realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

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Director, Industrial Coatings Research Institute



Job Responsibilities:     

1. Be fully responsible for the construction and management of the Group's Industrial Coatings Research Institute, and formulate product strategies and product systems based on the Group's development strategy;

2. Based on its own professional coatings research and development knowledge, form an industrial coatings research and development blueprint based on the company's coatings product system;

3. Responsible for planning and promoting the development and upgrading of multiple varieties of green coatings, and establishing and ensuring the company's advanced R&D level in the same industry.  


Dissertation Eligibility Requirements:    

1. Chemical engineering related majors, master's degree or above, PhD preferred.

2. Have been engaged in R&D management for more than 8 years, and have working experience as an R&D expert in a world-renowned paint company;

3. Have rich experience in R&D and team building management of paint-related projects, and master and have insight into important market information and cutting-edge technology development trends in the paint industry;

4. Have good communication and expression skills, and be able to communicate fluently in English (English reading and writing);

5. Have good professional ethics, perform seriously, be down-to-earth, and have good communication, coordination and leadership skills.

managerial student



Recruitment requirements: Fresh graduates with a full-time undergraduate degree or above or outstanding job seekers within two years of graduation, regardless of major; good overall quality, solid professional knowledge, strong communication and organizational skills; priority will be given to those who have served as cadres of student unions or societies; can Accept assignments or business trips.
Job description: Management trainees need to go through a 24-month training cycle after joining the company, and their positions will be determined after passing an assessment. During the training period, the company will allocate dual mentors for management trainees, one of whom will be a senior executive of the group or business unit.

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