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Xiangjiang Coatings at 2020 China (Hunan) International Green Development Expo

China (Hunan) International Green Development Expo was officially held in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 9.24 to 9.26, 2020, as an exhibitor Xiangjiang Coatings made a grand appearance at this expo with new green design product achievements.


Xiangjiang Coatings to Exhibit at "bauma CHINA 2020": Continuously Protecting the "Great Powers"

On November 24, the Shanghai BMW construction machinery exhibition "bauma CHINA 2020" opened at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center and lasted until November 27. After participating in the exhibition in 2018, Xiangjiang Paint once again appeared at this Bauma Show.


Xiangjiang Coatings at Coatings Expo: 70 Years of "Time Tunnel" Creates a New Engine of Green Technology

Regarding the 2020 China Coatings Show (hereinafter referred to as the "Coatings Show"), the core design concept of Xiangjiang Paint Group is a time tunnel. Looking in from the outside, it looks like an airplane engine. "


The signing ceremony of China's new material industry science and innovation base was held ceremoniously!

On March 9, the signing ceremony of the "New Materials Industry Science and Technology Innovation Base" project jointly organized by Xiangjiang Paint Group, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone and China Coatings Industry Association was held in Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone. Fan Futai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, and the Working Committee of the National People's Congress Director Li Guoli, Deputy Director of the Management Committee Wang Qian, President of China Coatings Industry Association Sun Lianying, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association Zhao Huan and relevant persons in charge of Xiangjiang Paint Group attended the signing ceremony.


Xiangjiang Coating | Tug-of-war to celebrate New Year's Day, unity and hard work to welcome the new year

"New years are added to the calendar, and spring fills the old mountains and rivers." On the afternoon of 31st December, on the occasion of New Year's Day 2021, the tug-of-war competition of "Unending Life - 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Xiangjiang Coating Group" held by the trade union of the Group came to a successful conclusion.


2020 Xiangjiang Memorial Book | Countless moments of remembrance emerge, and in the midst of the gloom we gather strength to grow

In 2020, affected by the "new crown" epidemic, all walks of life around the world are facing great challenges, in the environment that we insist on resuming work while wearing a good mask, Xiangjiang Coatings overcame the difficulties, scientifically adjusted the mode of operation, adhering to the spirit of enterprise of striving, innovation, pragmatism, and sharing, and continued to maintain high-quality development against the wind growth.


Service Creates Value, Profession Wins Future--Xiangjiang Technical Service Sets Sail with "Heart"

The most widely circulated saying in the coatings industry is "30% coating, 70% construction", which fully illustrates the inseparable relationship between coatings and coatings. Today, as the products of leading companies in the industry are becoming increasingly homogeneous, how to achieve systematic product construction and application guarantees and create all-round, high-quality technical service levels is a challenge that all coatings people have been facing. Today, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Xiangjiang Paint, Xiangjiang Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiangjiang Paint, has taken the lead in launching a new technical service tenet - "Profit-service creates value".


Xiangjiang Coatings | 70th Anniversary Starlight Celebration Ends Successfully, Starting a New Journey of Pursuing Dreams

We have been looking forward to this perfect answer sheet for 70 years, and when we put pen to paper, it will be the starting point for another journey.